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August 2016

What Guardian are you Titan, Warlock, Hunter?

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Ah, love is in the air. February is a great month, we celebrate Black History Month, and we have a day dedicated to flowers, chocolate, and cards with hearts on them, Valentines day!!
Mario Vday
ok, and maybe a perfect day to set your loved one on fire with a fire flower

Vengeance will be unfortunately not be together in a game for the Month or the Holiday, but we're looking at future games to play together! The game that has our attention the most? Wildstar! Without a doubt the personal favorite of my future games to watch. We'll have a more official word on this later in the month, but it's an optimistic choice. 

Will we play this as Dominion? or as the rebellious Exiles? The game is still in Beta, and I would suggest everyone sign up, check it out, read things, and push buttons! Most of us are still playing Guild Wars 2 on a weekly basis, as PvP is as PvP does. Vengence gamers are still between other games as well as FFXIV, Minecraft, BF4, SWG?, and of course League of Legends. Always great to know people are out there playing their heart out!

The July event has begun and it's something to be noticed! The Bazaar of the Four Winds is gathering - merchants are converging from all corners of Tyria to sell their wares, but this time it's not just shady characters and risky trades! This year the mystickal flying Zephyr Sanctum has landed bringing their magical crystals and amazing movement skills to savvy traders and daring adventurers alike! What a joy it will be to experience the thrill of the trade and the race! 

Rewards -  BFW brings rewards like the chance to obtain 1 of 3 new special back items representing the aspects of Wind, Sun, and Lightning. (What no moon?) Another reward is a daily resource node allowing you to harvest Quartz! Quartz is the new material introduced to be used in new recipes. The third reward is a Miniature Model of the Zephyr Sanctum! 

Items and Features - BFW is also bringing new items to purchase like Zephyrite Helms and Quaggan Mini packs! They've also introduced new features like the Account Achievement Reward System! WvW Build and Repair Mastery traits!, and even a new SPvP Map called


Overall Guild Wars 2 is showing they have the ability to keep putting out great updates and keeping this game very interesting! Vengeance will surely be playing together in this game every week kicking ass and taking supplies!

Vengeance News!
All the drinking games!

Every friday we have a server reset on Guild Wars 2 which has been pretty much our best night of togetherness and gaming. Everyone rushes through their day to get home, relax, crack open a beer, make a drink, and start up the game. We've played drinking games before with Aion and it was....horribly fun. With WvW resets now in front of us we've started the new Extreme WvW Night!
The rules are simple, the game is fun, and drunkenness is a definite promise if you catch me playing! Want to join the action? Apply to Vengeance and see the game yourself!

We're still fighting strong on Sanctum of Rall as the number 1 server in NA. Vengeance will always be giving it their best when we play! Blackgate and Jade Quarry are still the best servers we've had the pleasure of fighting against. Every week they play their hearts out giving us the best action we could ever ask for. 

With people's PCs breaking, decks being built, and more games showing more and more promise. Vengeance will have much to look forward to! 

Other games to watch in the future!

Path of Exile is an Action RPG that has really brought a new meaning to full customization of characters. With leagues like Hardcore and Onslaught where death means you're gone from the league. it really brings back the need for attention and skill. Currently in Open Beta (not to be reset!)

Wildstar is a new MMO that is still in closed beta. With a Ratchet and Clank style graphics and such animated characters. it really brings a difference feel from the hardcore "realistic" styles most MMOs have been giving lately. Definitely a game to keep an eye on for Vengeance.

Last but never least Battlefield 4! When Battlefield 3 was released many of us we're just drooling, but now BF4 will be out soon and I fear I'll never leave my PC again! This game has Vengeance truly excited for a new FPS. 
Eurlin The text was definitely a bit too big
slide over very nice job on the updates
Northstar a Good job Eurlin on the update! ha!

Happy New Year! May 2013 be a great year for everyone!

World vs. World


Congrats to Eurlin for saving enough gold to be a commander. Vengeance now has two commanders Z Trance and Eurlin to help lead SoR in world vs. world.

Sanctum of Rall vs Stormbluff Isle vs. Tarnished Coast

This week will be a new server match in tier 2. Blackgate has earned enough points to move into tier 1 bracket and Stormbluff will be moving to tier2. This will be an interesting match for SoR since we have never played SBI. Maybe this match SoR can place 1st in T2 match.

Sanctum of Rall vs Blackgate vs. Tarnished Coast.

Tarnished Coast moves up to tier 2 and Isle of Janthir moved down to tier 3. TC has been a much better server to play against in World vs. World. It was good change for a tier 2 matches, however SoR has still places second to Blackgate in our tier 2 matches. SoR is the strongest North American prime time server but lack an Asian/Oceanic presents to help SoR push to 1st place in tier 2.

Vengeance video

Check out some of the latest videos from Vengeance

Vengeance in Fractuals of the Mist

Vengeance takes garrison from Blackgate with 5 people. 

Vengeance hold that line! 

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