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February 2017

Earlier this year Vengeance was excited to group up and play Blade and Soul at release in a Hardcore manner. We were very successful for the first few months. The obvious flaws of the game started to show, and the devolopers dragged out the content drops to try to keep people entertained and not overwhelmed. Vengeance unfortunately walked away from the game, and players started their adventure towards new games to play. The Division was our next step to gaming together on PC and PS4. Few of us banded together to take back New York on both the Console and PC. While this game entertains a few of us still, it wasn't what most were looking for and yet again lead to failure to rally the Vengeance clan together! Again... we waited...until finally!

OVERWATCH came! We were excited many others joined on board to join us on this game! Vengeance decided to take a slow chill pace on this game and not form clan competitive parties. We chose to play this casually and let those who wanted to go ham on the game group up on their own accord with others. Overwatch worked out great for everyone involved, and now they have finally introduced competitive play! We're excited to see how everyone does when the chips are on the table. You can find members playing on PC and PS4 yet again! Don't be scared and don't expect someone to invite you! I am saying this so that everyone understands YOU have to make your group. If you want to play with someone INVITE THEM. Don't wait to be's rude D:< | Playing together in Overwatch is always a blast. While players still continue this game in a casual sense. We still have other players looking, starving for an MMO, others starving for a non FPS PvP game! So the search continues..

Members are scattered across the gaming universe in different worlds as far as Tamriel all the way to Eorzea and back to New York! If you're looking for a game to play with others check the forums and see what some are playing, and what some want to play. Want some good PvP? Want to see how Blade and Soul is doing now that the full game is out and players can finally have a balanced fight? Leave a message on the forums! Want to play Elder Scrolls Online and fight with others? steal from the villagers?! kill some dragons! LEAVE a message! You've been secretly playing a game as old as Final Fantasy XIV and haven't stopped playing? TELL US ABOUT IT!  Vengeance has a plethora of great gamers and are always happy to play with one another.

Currently Vengeance has small factions of players in these games: Hit us up if you are too!

Final Fantasy XIV

World of Warcraft

The Division


Elder Scrolls Online

Total War: Warhammer (Looking for 2s)

Skoya I just picked up WoW for Legion. I saw Baudac on. I'm also playing Overwatch.
slide over great update post.
Jacer Dont know why anyone has not looked into elder scrolls online. The pvp is great and active. Reminds me of dark age of ca...


Eurlin posted May 30, 16

Everyone enjoy your day, but always remember those who aren't here with us anymore. 

Overwatch is coming

Eurlin posted May 23, 16

tonight! Release for overwatch comes globally at Midnight tonight BST or 7PM EDT. With this in mind everyone should be doing their usual game release rituals. Turn off the computers, blow out the dust, update the drivers, log into Team Speak, Get a gallon of water and let's start gaming! Overwatch is being played casually here in vengeance, but for those that are interested in a more competitive group is free to create a team, and apply to all the tournaments they want! If you're still not sure about 

Remember to share your battle tag so that everyone can add everyone! it's hard otherwise and then we'll have to find you through that stupid mutual friends thing! don't make me do it!

The Divison second patch comes out tomorrow! 1.2 Conflict promises to help resurrect the game, and bring us back to New York to help save it again! They will be introducing new gear (tank set!) another Incursion, OPEN WORLD ACTIVITIES!, and so much Dark zone fun like hijacking!

Cut that rope! kill the other agents laugh at them as they lose everything! or kill the rogue agent that's looking to take your loot! This patch is very promising and very critical for The Division to continue on as a viable game in any sort of manner. Vengeance is happy to still be part of this game, and will continue playing.

Looking for a new game to play? post it in the forums! let us know! Playing an old game and want to see if anyone else is? POST IT! Just want to shoot the shit and chat it up with some friends, or even make a new friend. Hop on TS and say what's up! Everyone's friendly! (Except Mort, just avoid him at all costs...he might bite even)


Eurlin posted May 5, 16

The first Weekend of May is coming, and it couldn't be any better! We have Free Comic book day! Cinco De Mayo (Today) and BETAS TO PLAY!

Vengeance is currently playing The Division. Farming Dark Zone together, and making new friends wherever we go! Want to farm some rogues with us? Hit the Recruitment Tab! Want to go rogue with us!?!? Hit the Recruitment Tab! Just want to farm the incursion and play some Challenges because hackers are pushing you to your limit??? I'll give you a hint on what to click (The Recruitment Tab!!) Vengeance is excited about the promises of 1.2 Better loot farming for all, and a 200+ Dark Zone are great ideas, and we can only hope for the best with this game. Having a hard time leveling up? hop on the TeamSpeak being able to have a conversation with someone ALWAYS helps!

Overwatch OPEN BETA is out today! TODAY!!! Many players are excited about this game. Blizzard does have a knack for collecting gamers into a game rather quickly, and successfully. So it's no suprise players are confident this game will release well. Vengeance will be playing together at release, and playing around this weekend for a bit here and there. Check out some players via Twitch, or just join them!

Paladins is Hi Rez Studios next big thing! If you loved Smite you'll love this game! Closed Beta invited has been sent to some of our members and they will stream the game when they can as they can. Paladins is another Multiplayer arena style game. 

Paragon! Another big deal for our players! Paragon was brought up in the past on these forums as a new graphically instense MOBA style game with elevated terrain and other amazing ideas brought to life. Paragon is a crossplatform MOBA made from Epic so feel free to kick your feet up on PS4 and play with your friends on PC without any issues! Open Beta started today as well.

The obvious assumption is later this month around Overwatch release date we'll see these games release as well or push updates and open betas. Marketing at it's finest! 

LuckofCaymo I'm playing Overwatch on PS4! Its hella fun. Favorite Hero: RoadHog #Hooks4Days Honorable Mention: Pharrah #DeathF...

Vengeance Update!

Eurlin posted Apr 11, 16

Welcome to Vengeance! Where gaming is our life and blood! With the dismissal of Blade and Soul. Vengeance is currently looking at new games and old to pull our members together for. Interested in a game? Let us know! Not sure what game to play? Well let's check out list and see what's out there that might peak yours and our attention!

Civilization Onlin! A unique new MMO in which players work together to build a civilization from the stone age to the space age. Create your custom avatar and then choose which role you will play in the expansion of your empire. Research and develop new technologies, construct buildings and great wonders, wage war, or conduct espionage to achieve victory over other players and civilizations in a dynamically changing world. 

This game is currently in Closed Beta in Korea, but it's going to be watched for later release. Think the graphics are a little too Cartoony? That's fine we'll move on!

Black Desert Online has already been released, and is doing exceptionally well from what we can tell. Vengeance members are unfortunately scattered through out many servers on this game due to the inability of Vengeance to lead a clan at the release. Should we turn our attention back to this game, Vengeance leadership will do everything possible to pull members back together for a great gaming experience. BDO is a visually stunning game, which might require you to upgrade your PC before joining in the fray. Don't want to break the bank for a game? That's fine! we'll keep looking!

Star Citizen! Science Fiction! Space ships! WHO DOESN'T LOVE SPACE! With over 100 million invested in crowdfunding This game is projected to finally release this year! The Repopulation seemed to die out, but thankfully SC did not! This is a game Vengenance will not take lightly. We'll be monitoring this game and recruit happily for this game! Dont like space games? you're crazy and need help...we'll help you. we'll show you the light of the stars! Don't think this game will come to light? well let's just wait and see then!

Overwatch! It's a blizzard game so you know what to expect from the company! That's good and bad, but don't fret it's definitely a game worth investing some time in. Overwatch is a team-based shooter with team based objectives like escorting an EMP to a location, or Assaulting a stronghold to take out the other team. Overwatch will release this summer, and Vengeance does love a good team based shooter! Don't like Blizzard? Fine! we'll move on then!

Battleborn is a 5v5 team based shooter with the same concept of Overwatch without the Blizzard love. It's releasing this may and has more PvE content as well! You get to choose from over 25 heroes and work as a team to overcome your objective or just cause some good ol fashion mayhem in PVP!

Paragon is a graphically gorgeous MOBA that's CROSSPLATFORM! That's insane right?! I can play on PS4 and kick butt with my buddies on PC! This the future. embrace the change! Paragon is currently in Beta with access via founders pack. Some members are playing on PS4 others on PC and IT DOESN'T MATTER! Check it out and let's start playing!

We've come back full circle on the cartoony graphics! I know I know! but if you loved Smite you'll love this game. Paladins is created from Hi Rez Studios and it looks amazing. This is a First Person Shooter with a focus on Team and Obejctive based gameplay. You can sign up for Beta or gain access via founders pack. 

The Division is our current hyped game. Many members are playing this on PC and Ps4. This is a great game for those who can't commit much time in a night as you can still get on for an hour to run your dailies and be on your way until you make it to the weekend. There's also no need to skip out on gaming as you still find plenty to do after your dailies as you work your way through the Dark zone Ranks. The Division is bringing a update tomorrow that promises to change the end game slightly and give players an easier time gearing up if they've been unlucky thus far. 

Don't see anything you like? Then post your own favored games to watch this year, let us know what you're playing! Vengeance is listening and will be happy to play together. 

Come back to me Jaig!
Donnie# for overwatch
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