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May 2016

Vengeance Update!

Eurlin posted Apr 11, 16

Welcome to Vengeance! Where gaming is our life and blood! With the dismissal of Blade and Soul. Vengeance is currently looking at new games and old to pull our members together for. Interested in a game? Let us know! Not sure what game to play? Well let's check out list and see what's out there that might peak yours and our attention!

Civilization Onlin! A unique new MMO in which players work together to build a civilization from the stone age to the space age. Create your custom avatar and then choose which role you will play in the expansion of your empire. Research and develop new technologies, construct buildings and great wonders, wage war, or conduct espionage to achieve victory over other players and civilizations in a dynamically changing world. 

This game is currently in Closed Beta in Korea, but it's going to be watched for later release. Think the graphics are a little too Cartoony? That's fine we'll move on!

Black Desert Online has already been released, and is doing exceptionally well from what we can tell. Vengeance members are unfortunately scattered through out many servers on this game due to the inability of Vengeance to lead a clan at the release. Should we turn our attention back to this game, Vengeance leadership will do everything possible to pull members back together for a great gaming experience. BDO is a visually stunning game, which might require you to upgrade your PC before joining in the fray. Don't want to break the bank for a game? That's fine! we'll keep looking!

Star Citizen! Science Fiction! Space ships! WHO DOESN'T LOVE SPACE! With over 100 million invested in crowdfunding This game is projected to finally release this year! The Repopulation seemed to die out, but thankfully SC did not! This is a game Vengenance will not take lightly. We'll be monitoring this game and recruit happily for this game! Dont like space games? you're crazy and need help...we'll help you. we'll show you the light of the stars! Don't think this game will come to light? well let's just wait and see then!

Overwatch! It's a blizzard game so you know what to expect from the company! That's good and bad, but don't fret it's definitely a game worth investing some time in. Overwatch is a team-based shooter with team based objectives like escorting an EMP to a location, or Assaulting a stronghold to take out the other team. Overwatch will release this summer, and Vengeance does love a good team based shooter! Don't like Blizzard? Fine! we'll move on then!

Battleborn is a 5v5 team based shooter with the same concept of Overwatch without the Blizzard love. It's releasing this may and has more PvE content as well! You get to choose from over 25 heroes and work as a team to overcome your objective or just cause some good ol fashion mayhem in PVP!

Paragon is a graphically gorgeous MOBA that's CROSSPLATFORM! That's insane right?! I can play on PS4 and kick butt with my buddies on PC! This the future. embrace the change! Paragon is currently in Beta with access via founders pack. Some members are playing on PS4 others on PC and IT DOESN'T MATTER! Check it out and let's start playing!

We've come back full circle on the cartoony graphics! I know I know! but if you loved Smite you'll love this game. Paladins is created from Hi Rez Studios and it looks amazing. This is a First Person Shooter with a focus on Team and Obejctive based gameplay. You can sign up for Beta or gain access via founders pack. 

The Division is our current hyped game. Many members are playing this on PC and Ps4. This is a great game for those who can't commit much time in a night as you can still get on for an hour to run your dailies and be on your way until you make it to the weekend. There's also no need to skip out on gaming as you still find plenty to do after your dailies as you work your way through the Dark zone Ranks. The Division is bringing a update tomorrow that promises to change the end game slightly and give players an easier time gearing up if they've been unlucky thus far. 

Don't see anything you like? Then post your own favored games to watch this year, let us know what you're playing! Vengeance is listening and will be happy to play together. 

Spring Cleaning..Nah

Eurlin posted Mar 28, 16

Welcome to Vengeance! We're officially in the spring season and with that means, another stack of new games to play, and old games to love or hate!

Vengeance is currently playing The Division, while we don't actively advertise for it, we're always accepting players to enjoy the challenges with on PC and PS4! Many players are helping others catch up to the higher end game where you don't rely on wild purple loot and focus more on the crafting mats! Need help getting challenges done? Want to play consistently with players, and not find randoms who need more help then it's worth? Join us on Teamspeak, send us a message, and drop an application! 

Blade and Soul was a huge success for Vengeance at release. We've welcomed over 80 members to the forums and dozens more in the game as we cycled through active players. We've farmed enemy players so often many of us managed our 1000 player kills achievement. We've pushed for Diamond as hard as we could, while I personally never made it beyond 2050 ranking. I'm sure others might have come closer. Vengeance is very proud of how well our members came together for dungeons, tag teams, and Open world PvP fights. With the Warlock patch many things started to come undone with the race to 45 activity took a hit since we had the issue of alts from the beginning. We had a hard time keeping track of players outside of Teamspeak which meant it was incredibly difficult to group up since a player couldn't just ask in Clan chat or TS, they would have to message each person on their friends list IF they added them. Pile on the massive amounts of bots, and clans jumping to reds. Vengeance couldn't hold the line for blues, and we couldn't ignore the annoyance of Bots any longer. Now with the update to 50 leveling will continue on multiple characters meaning the chance to regroup and play together is once again going to be missed. 

Vengeance has shut down recruitment for Blade and Soul, and will not be actively playing this game much longer. While we still work on transititioning our players to another clan, we will keep our Team Speak channels open for a while longer should others want to hop on. This does not mean in anyway Vengeance is boycotting Blade and Soul, this simply means we will no longer lead a clan in the game, as players in officer roles will not take the task to lead a blind faction of bots, and inactive players. Should players want to join the red faction, we can't reccomend a clan to join, but will look into the issue. if asked

Paragon is a new game in  closed beta that you can sign up for, or buy a founders pack and play on PC and PS4! They are indeed crossplatform so if you want to buy on PS4, but your friends are PC gamers that's ok! you can still game together! Paragon will be a game some Vengeance members keep an eye on while it approaches open beta/ release this summer. 

Not interested in those games? that's fine check out the forums and the streams. Vengeance members are playing many other games like Minecraft 1.9 and CSGO. Just hop on and ask around! 

Northstar a Awesome! Cross play? WUT!! #NeedMoreCrossplay #PCvsConsole

March Madness!

Eurlin posted Mar 2, 16

Welcome to Vengeance! Vengeance loves the beginning of spring, Gives players a chance to open a window and continue gaming while taking in some sunlight! Vengeance is currently still recruiting for a few games.

The Division is a crowd favorite! If we could only all agree on a platform to play on! Vengeance will be welcoming players on both PC and PS4 for the release of The Division. Want to take back New York? make sure you do it with friends. This great action packed shooter will make you want more and more and more in the Dark Zone. Go Rogue! shoot an ally and then run for your life as they chase you down!

Next up is Black Desert Online! Fantastic game! Vengeance is currently recruiting on a more casual pace on the EU Server Croxus. Do not let that deter you Hardcore PvPers we're still more than capable of pushing where the fun is going to be. Depending on how much feedback we get from NA Players we -may- push over to another NA server for all players to enjoy! BDO has an insane character creator. I promise you could spend an easy 3 hours on it, and still not feel done.

ANOTHER CONTENT DROP! Blade and Soul has been a huge success for Vengeance we've welcomed so many players I've lost count! Today B&S has introduced Warlocks, Nayru Labyrinth, and the 8th floor to Mushin Tower! Are you tired of joining random Tag teams? Well stop! Join Vengeance ask in our chat and let's farm other players together! Get everyone to Platnum and enjoy all the soul stones you want!

Vengeance is always welcoming players! Even if you're not interested in a game at the moment feel free to join stop by the forums and say hi! Watch some of our Streamers! Yell at Lethal for not having a Microphone still! Once you join, you're family!

Welcome to Vengeance!

Eurlin posted Feb 24, 16

Vengeance is going strong on Blade and Soul, we've made countless adjustments as the game brings in more and more content, and we still push to be the best clan you can be in! Vengeance is currently pushing to help the faction farm Blackwyrm daily, and running 4 man dungeons whenever able! Vengeance is still outnumbered against the Crimson legion on Old Man Cho, but that doesn't mean we back down from any fight. Want a clan that will still open world PvP? We're your guys! feel free to confidently push against the crims whenever you see a Vengeance tag around!

Warlock is being released this March and gamers couldn't be happier! Vengeance will be doing another mass recruitment at release of this class to help those that have been waiting for this class to join us. We're still constantly stuck at the clan cap, but we're going to be doing some adjustments with our alt clan, and pushing to maximize our grouping after this next content drop. 

Still have questions about anything we're doing? Hop on the forums or ask in the shout box. Vengeance is happy to answer your questions or share in stories of adventure!

Bloodshade Harbor is being released today! Along with other content things like the first 7 floors of Mushin Tower and Hongmoon levels! Check out the patch notes while you want for the servers to come back up on the game's site, or try to sift through the quick drop notes in the forums. Vengeance is very excited for this release, and definitely ready for preseason to begin! Zen Beans and Zen Bean Vendors are being introduced to Arena PvP finally giving it a bigger purpose than just poking about with the Epeen. (Not that we needed more reasons) Vengeance is currently sitting at Clan rank 5 with a secondary Clan for low levels and alts, to help keep players together even when they're not on their mains. IF you were removed from Vengeance You're still a member of the forums, and will still be welcomed back in if/when you're 45. We are currently focused on active players at 45 to help keep the game fun for everyone! Low levels will be together in the alt clan to help keep activity for leveling, and cut down the chatter for 45s who are looking to do dailies, Dungeons, and tag teams!

Vengeance is currently looking into creating a monthly in clan tournament to see who's the best at PvP in house! This event will most likely be done via Streaming to help see the battles from either end. Vengeance is also creating weekly events for more activity between players. Watch to things like "The Crimson Cleanse" and "Monster Hunting" from Vengeance where we'll be actively helping our Faction become stronger and better!

Slowly The in house PvP tournament sounds fun
Is this from the same injury?!
I have a crushed (possibly torn) disk in my wrist. I might not be gaming again for a while.
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